Sell your Saddle 

Do you have a saddle for sale? 

* Saddles bought outright ( depending on age,condition,style,brand,make and model etc)

* No Narrow saddles , western , foreign ,side saddle ,non adjustable synthetics, saddles that retail under £300 (market value),broken tree, unequal panels , broken girth straps etc.

 * Saddles sold on Commission, 25% taken off total sell price of your saddle. i.e ( Selling price £400.00 you will receive £300 )
  (Ebay take 10% so this will be added in the final sale price)

* Your saddle will be taken on saddle fitting appointments, advertised on social media and online selling sites. 

* As a qualified Society of Master Saddlers saddle fitter, I can answer questions about your saddle and the fitting of it.

* People have more confidence to buy from a company rather than an individual. 

* No cleaning, relentless advertising, silly questions or dealing with time wasters.
* We ship worldwide and package all saddles with care. *Your saddle will be fully insured at all times.

* We can reflock and repair your saddle at an extra cost to help sell your saddle.

* Ensure you describe in full any scuffs/scratches/fading/marks as this will effect the price of your saddle.

* Simply package up your saddle and send it me or I can arrange collection from you ,you will need to package up your saddle and be available 9.00 am- 5.00 pm on the day of collection . 

* A saddle agreement document and terms and conditions will be emailed to you for the sell of your saddle.

 * Once your saddle has sold and the sale has cleared, we then transfer you your payment minus any deductions (Commission, fee’s, inward carriage etc)

* If the saddle arrives and is not fit for sale or as described the seller will be responsible for return postage.
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