Hello and welcome 

"Horses are my passion"

This is my horse "Mr Grey" the love of my Life.

I am 49 and I have ridden all of my life and competed in various different disciplines.

My son Mitch was previously a flat jockey and has a couple of Equestrian businesses .My daughter Charli has also always ridden and had a keen interest in horses,especially around the health, care and Wellbeing of horses.

I am a Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter. I have been a proud member of the Society of Master Saddlers for over 20 years.

I previously worked closely with Barnsby Saddlery and learnt a wealth of knowledge about saddle manufacturing, panel types,saddle trees and made to measure saddles.

I spent some time with Dale Myler ( MYLER BITS) which was truly fascinating and have attended various lorinery courses.

I attended the Back Biomechanics and Saddle Fitting Weekend Course with Russel Guire. Centaur Biomechanics, is a company which specialises in horse and rider performance analysis. 

I frequently attend Society of Master Saddlers refresher saddle fitting days and any horse and rider related training days , i am always on the look out to improve my knowledge and personal development.

I am a member of the Beta Equestrian Trade Association and previously sat on the council and have completed most of the BETA training days.

In 1993 i opened an equestrian retail shop "Jennys Tack Shop" with just a small budget and turned it into a million pound turnover company.I had a vision that i wanted to grow the business to be one of the largest Equestrian Superstores in the southwest.

I achieved this with the help of my family,good customer service, attending trade shows, hard work and pure passion for the industry. I then went onto sell the shop in 2013 and went on to set up my current Saddle fitting business Jts Saddlery Ltd.

In 2014 I cycled with some friends from London to Paris to raise money for St Peters Hospice.In June 2014 i was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, as you can imagine this was not good news.
But now after surgery, chemo, radio and breast reconstruction i am fit , healthy and well.

Whilst going through my journey, i came across "The Coaching Academy" and enrolled in two Foundation Degree qualifications Personal and performance ( life coaching ) and business coaching.

In September 2019 i also qualified as an Equine facilitated learner, my dream one day is to have a healing centre to heal people with horses .

"Healing with horses"



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Jenny xx

JTS Saddlery